Frequent asked questions of our customers

We attend to our customers, that’s why we build this list with the most frequent questions about their downloads and the business database use.

Buy email database

How much time will take until I get my files?

Once your database payment is ready, personal links are created for you to access and download your files immediately. Moreover, these files also will be sent directly to your email address and you will have them available on “My downloads” panel.

How can I pay for the downloads?

You can pay any download using PayPal, or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can automatically pay with any credit card. We’ve also added Bank Transfer as a pay method. We recommend you to pay always using PayPal, as the bank transfer takes more time before delivery and until it is not completed, your downloads won’t be active. Besides, PayPal include purchases insurances, therefore, you will always get your files or your money will be completely returned to your account.

How is possible such a low price?

We know that many customers have doubts on our database quality due to our extreme low prices policy. It is our downloads for everyone philosophy. In the past, just a few businessmans could have quality business lists, but we know that the secret to be successful at any business is its database, that’s why we prefer earn less money with every customer but reach everyone. We have even special offers for students. We believe that data should be public and open, that’s why we only gain the necessary to maintain the system running.

I want to call you by phone, but I can’t find the number

Having a call center to receive and attend phone calls it’s very expensive, thus it would be against our low prices policy. We’ve thought about this change and we have the following conclusion: To maintain a 24h call center, our business lists would increase their prices on 150%. But, as it’s important for us to attend carefully all of our customers, we have three people always in charge of answer your doubts via our Customer Service form. We’ve spent a lot in a control and satisfaction customer service program, which have allow us to solve 99.9% of doubts without additional costs.

Where can I download my bills?

You have access to all your bills from “My downloads” panel. Within you can see our CIF, VAT (all of our prices include the VAT) and your company data. Due to technical reasons they don’t show your CIF, but even that, all the bills are completely legal. We pay for absolutely all the VAT. #CutTheFraud

My download has expired?

We’ve included that security measure due to some customers abuses, your download will be available during 2 months, and will expire after that. In very special cases, our Customer Service can solve the problem for you.

I think there was a mistake with my order

During the register updates it is normal for the system to collapse and deliver a different database. Don’t be afraid. In these cases, it will be activated an allert automatically and your database will be delivered manually within the next 24 hours. All of our customers receive their orders.

How many contacts are on my database?

All the products have the exact number of entries, except for promotional packs, due to the high number of entries that are included. The system by itself is not capable of counting them, as they are over 10,500,000.

We can ensure you that we’re the company that include the biggest number of business related entries at the best price.

Sometimes, I see the data wrong on my screen

A 0.02% of our databases are not given in Excel worksheet format, but in .csv. Any program which can handle databases, can manage these ones using the “Import” option. We have a very brief mini tutorial to do that. Nevertheless, we always try to deliver the databases manually using the format requested by our consumers, if needed.