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Data repositories and successful email marketing

If you are considering beginning an email marketing campaign you should go right ahead. While owing to inexperience you may have the notion that email marketing is spam, you should know; that is very incorrect. In essence spam is unnecessary unsolicited emails often selling products that you have little or no interest in using, buying or renting.

Small and Medium Sized business Email marketing

Especially where small and medium sized business is concerned email marketing could get you that much needed foot in the door. As matter of fact many small businesses and even mega corporations like Coca Cola, Sony, PayPal and The Washington Times use email marketing to improve sales or break into new markets.

For this reason if you are still questioning the validity of email marketing you are leaving some of your best customers out in the cold and they are spending their money on inferior products and services. Many of the marketers in these companies will tell you that a proper email marketing campaign has the potential to rake in as many as 20% of the readers.

If you are interested then you should probably be yourself is what goes into successful email marketing?

Copy Writing and your Success marketing using emails

I finished college years ago but one thing I continually become increasingly aware of is the importance of business communication. The process of transferring business information to prospects is becoming even more complex today especially following the advent of social media which can help business produce more money, there are several options for this as you can see in nrwz artikel online. Twitter for instance allows text posts of just over 140 words often accompanied with an image or video link.

Regardless of the platform you want to use to launch your email marketing campaign having well prepared copy written plays a major role in the success of your email marketing efforts. Proper copy writers will prepare documentation that is intriguing and packed with information and ends with one or several calls to action. The formatting of the document and content is really important and this is one of the tasks you definitely want to leave to a professional.

Data Mining and Email Marketing

I just read something very interesting that mentioned that a typical company email database degrades about 22.5% annually. This comes about as contacts move, changes addresses, or change their focus. For that reason you cannot rely on your own mailing list. A high quality companies database is really impotant (example: Spain Companies List)

Without doubt the above thoughts are the cause for serious concern especially if you are planning to begin an email marketing campaign. While some may advise against data mining – the use of purchased mailing lists there is plenty of evidence that indicates its effectiveness. To create an email list on your own you would have to have great copy already written and being mailed to potential clients.

The solution is to choose wisely and invest in a reliable data repository. Some thoughts that should guide you include:

o How do they acquire the email lists

o Cost

o Copy writing services and any bonuses, discounts or rebates

o Length of time you have allocated for your marketing campaign.

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